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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kiera Lane for the past six years… and counting. Dr. Lane is my preferred health partner and primary care physician. With her knowledge and expertise, I have been able to resolve ongoing health issues that other doctors have overlooked and/or were unable to provide any relief. Dr. Lane evaluates more than just the symptoms to a health issue; she searches for the cause and the best treatment protocol. Most recently, I had complications after the delivery of my first baby. I was discharged from the hospital, with a severe post-delivery infection and edema. I was suffering from fatigue, pain and weakened immune system.”

“Dr. Lane treated me with homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, and other Naturopathic and integrative therapies to help me heal. Dr. Lane helped me “reboot” my system, resolve the infection and swelling, and regain my strength. Most importantly, Dr. Lane helped me become healthy again, so that I was able to take care of my family. I’ve experienced exceptional care from Dr. Lane and I continue to see her to maintain my health and wellness. In addition to Dr. Lane’s kind, caring approach, her associates are also professional and considerate. This makes, Arizona Natural Medicine a comfortable and friendly place to seek care. I’ve recommended Dr. Lane to my family and friends, as I trust she will provide each with the best, quality care with the most comprehensive and integrative approach.

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