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The adrenal glands modulate stress (physical, emotional, or physiological) in the body. They produce adrenalin associated with the fight or flight response and cortisol, your natural steroid hormone, associated with energy, vibrancy, inflammation, pain and sleep. Your adrenal function can be assessed with a simple salivary test where the daily cortisol rhythm throughout the day and at night is mapped out and compared to a normal curve. When levels are too high or too low, or the cortisol rhythm is reversed (low during the day and high at night), symptoms like fatigue and insomnia may occur. This test is valuable in evaluating cases of fatigue, insomnia, hormone imbalance (PMS, menopausal symptoms), weight gain (especially belly fat) or mood issues. This test also measures hormones such as DHEA, 17-OH Progesterone, insulin, and gliadin antibody (positive with a gluten sensitivity). Based on your test results and specific symptoms, an individualized treatment plan can be developed to help restore optimal adrenal function.

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