Dr. Lane was featured as a co-author in Acupuncture Today, a national publication that is distributed to acupuncture school, professionals, and clinics in the United States. Dr. Lane was privileged to co-author the article, “Constitutional Facial Acupuncture Renewal: Changing the Face of Aging. STRESS AND THE ADRENALS: THE INCREDIBLE BURDEN OF .DOING. VS. THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING.” with Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac, Dipl. Ac., M.S., M.M., Adjunct Professor of Facial Acupuncture, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, and a leading authority on facial renewal techniques and constitutional facial rejuvenation acupuncture who demonstrated facial acupuncture at the academy awards in 2005.


Dr. Khalsa was involved in medical research and is a published author in the esteemed medical journal, The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, April, 2005. Her research, “Treatment of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Using Homeopathic Preparation of Common Allergens in the Southwest Region of the US: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial” suggested that homeopathic remedies offer convenient and inexpensive therapies without the potential for adverse effects compared to conventional drug treatments. The study further demonstrates the bridge between evidence-based practice in complementary and alternative approaches and conventional medicine. This bridge supports positive outcomes of the integrative health care model.


Dr. Lane and Dr. Khalsa have both been featured authors in Arizona Networking News, a source for integrative health care, wellness, fitness, mind-body resources, and education resources and information. Arizona Networking News provides information and tools on a multitude of integrative health and complementary medicine topics to the community and the state at large.


Dr. Lane was a featured author in the EcoClean Newsletter. EcoClean is located in Phoenix Arizona and is a resource for GREEN products in your home and office. They manufacture a complete line of GREEN products that are ecofriendly. Their company was created out of a need for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities that had no resources to help themselves, their families and the community. They continue to provide high quality safe products from household cleaners to carpet and chemical-free mattresses and in-house assessments of air, mold and other environmentally conscious factors that affect your health and well being.


Dr. Lane served as an author of medical and wellness articles for Fitness Insite. Fitness Insite is a leader in technology web-based health and wellness solutions for the health club, trainer or coach, corporate wellness, and direct to consumer markets. They design interactive online tools and websites that deliver “Custom Branded” lifestyle applications and content to a variety of health focused end users.

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